Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Chapter 1 - Coaching with Powerful Interactions

This chapter mirrors what we read in Powerful Interactions with children. It asks when we are working with adults we commit to Being Present, Connecting and Enhancing Learning. Even though the book is not specifically written for Early Childhood Special Ed teachers who are trying to be effective as itinerant teachers in inclusive settings I think we can apply of the principles. The shaded boxes on Intentionality (page13) ,Static (page 14) and the Reality Check (page 18)really speak to me! I think it is about setting the tone for future interactions can be more powerful. Think about just Being Present the next time you walk into a classroom - following the suggestion to pause a moment to observe yourself and the other adults in a classroom. What did you observe that you probably would have missed if you would not have taken that time to observe? As a result, how did it change how you then made a connection? 

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